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Tuesday 12, July 2022

Concert Brooklyn Orchestra

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La Librairie

Saturday June 18, 2022

Launching & signing of the book “Vandals in Paris” by Antoine Flandrin & Thomas Von Wittich

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La Librairie

Wednesday, May 25 2022

Album release and signing session| Mitzpah & Loulou Picasso

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Our solidarity commitments

Raising awareness: agnès b.’s advocacy products

Driven by her longstanding commitment to the most vulnerable sections of society, agnès b. is an active supporter of non-profit and humanitarian organizations.

In order to raise awareness and increase the visibility of these causes, agnès b. invites its customers to purchase campaign-focused products sold in the brand’s stores. All profits from these sales go to organizations seeking to provide sustainable assistance to at-risk groups.

Some of these products have been on sale for several years. For example, the red anti-AIDS scarf first appeared in stores in 1998, with profits from sales going to organizations such as Solidarité Sida, Ikambere and Actupien. Other products are more ephemeral, created and sold in response to a particular crisis, such as the SOS MEDITERRANEE scarf (which has been on sale since 2017).

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