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June 2nd - July 16th, 2016

Un autre monde dans notre monde – Collectif

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Marion Poussier

Born 1980 – Lives and works in Paris, France

“In 2003, I started a series of photographs about teenagers that led me to envision a vaster project, like a thread you pull on without knowing where it will lead. I worked intuitively, each series of photographs leading to the next. Every time, my gaze focused on the bodies and their staging in society. I always worked the same way, by immersing myself in more or less closed spaces where individuals cohabited and put in place the roleplay and social posturing. I went to observe teenagers at summer camps, then children in schoolyards. I also ventured into more private spaces, such as the home, to see if these roles were important there also. And I visited retirement homes, where the body and social status had lost value and meaning. Holding back to have a better vantage point, I watched attentively, fascinated by the theatre of life playing out before my eyes. Gradually, moving from one environment to the next, I discerned the contours of an endlessly repeated story.”

Marion Poussier

© Marion Poussier

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