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Du 16 septembre au 24 odécembre 2022


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La Librairie

Tuesday 12, July 2022

Concert Brooklyn Orchestra

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La Librairie

Saturday June 18, 2022

Launching & signing of the book “Vandals in Paris” by Antoine Flandrin & Thomas Von Wittich

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Pierre Reimer

Born 1964 – Lives and works in Paris, France

Pierre Reimer has shown his work since 1988, primarily at Galerie Agathe Gaillard and la galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris. Besides his work as a photographer, Pierre Reimer is a filmmaker, who recorded his first video in 1997. For his films, he regularly leaves Paris for extended periods. In 2005-2006, he lived in the Czech Republic for over a year to film Modell. His other films include, Mi Casa Su Casa (1997), Week-End (1993) and Orange Exercice (2005).

In 2010, Pierre Reimer published Les Inc’oyables et les Mé’veilleuses, with support from fonds de dotation and the National Center for the Arts. In 2011, for Modell and hij, two orchestral works by Mark Andre, Pierre made films where locations, landscapes, objects and beings are captured intermittently according to a photographic logic that he describes as “augmented,” and which translates as a marvelous quest for inner spaces.

© Pierre Reimer

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