Wednesday, May 25 2022

Album release and signing session| Mitzpah & Loulou Picasso

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La Librairie

Saturday, April 4th 2022 2022


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La Librairie

Saturday, March 26th 2022

Book launch & signing of “Véra. C” by Valentin Giacobetti

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Robert Estermann

Born 1970 in Switzerland – Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

“Robert Estermann finds a way—by drawing, through drawing—to undo definitions. It’s contrary to the definition of drawing, which is flipped. (…) Robert Estermann’s gallop resists definition, style, and the clutches of all those words that move forward a society of aging or regressive children.”

Elisabeth Lebovici

“Imagine a place where every act, every touch, would have the impact of a non-ending question; or the impact of a kind of revolution because there would be no meta-narrative between or amongst any act. The dynamic of such a place is, physically, a history of equations — a poetics, not of metaphors or symbols, but that of the un-measurable, obscene in the hole of life.”

Robert Estermann, 2000

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