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Du 16 septembre au 24 odécembre 2022


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Tuesday 12, July 2022

Concert Brooklyn Orchestra

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Saturday June 18, 2022

Launching & signing of the book “Vandals in Paris” by Antoine Flandrin & Thomas Von Wittich

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Thierry Lefébure

Born 1961 in Paris, France – Lives and works in Paris

Raised on American literature (Kerouac, Lowry, Harrison) and neorealist Italian cinema (Pasolini’s Accatone), Thierry Lefébure traveled widely in France and abroad, expressing those influences and making spur-of-the-moment encounters with images to photograph in a unique space and time.

These images are collected in his book La nuit, le jour, published in 1990 by galerie du jour agnès b.

In 1993, Photo-Journal à 30 ans was released. The journal recounts the artist’s thirtieth year, day by day, photograph by photograph, featuring people met and places traveled through, on foot or by car, from May 8, 1991, to May 8, 1992.

In 1998, he moved into the Modern Hotel in Paris and advocated for the right of undocumented migrants to cross the Red Sea, a kind of metaphor for the demand of free movement for all.

In 2002, he self-published a book on the family firm to pay tribute to the world of work (employees’ portraits, 1998-1999).

In 2003, he met members of the Roma community on the outskirts of Paris (Montreuil, St. Denis, Aubervilliers) and joined the movement advocating for their presence on French soil to be legalized.

In 2004 and 2005, he traveled to Brindiago in Casamance, Senegal, to coordinate the reconstruction of the elementary school with the support of the nonprofit ARBRE and his friend N’Fally Coly, who was born and raised in the village. By 2008, the school was rebuilt and reopened with 205 students.

© Thierry Lefebure

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