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Tuesday 12, July 2022

Concert Brooklyn Orchestra

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Saturday June 18, 2022

Launching & signing of the book “Vandals in Paris” by Antoine Flandrin & Thomas Von Wittich

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Wednesday, May 25 2022

Album release and signing session| Mitzpah & Loulou Picasso

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Launching and signing of “Mido” by Julie Joubert

Saturday, December 11th 2021

4:00 p.m.

MIDO by Julie Joubert

Texts: Julie Joubert et Michel Poivert

I met Ahmed in 2017 in a rehabilitation center for troubled youth. […].
Diminutive, nickname, pseudonym: MIDO. Presenting himself under different identities as he meets people, Ahmed hides as much as he wants to be discovered. Through a chaotic life path punctuated by painful elements, he survives with the dream of becoming a model. His great fragility, his self-destructive character as well as his capacity to reveal himself immediately convinced me of the need to follow him in his daily life for an indefinite period.

— Julie Joubert

La Fab.

Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, 75013 Paris