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Dimanche 23 Octobre 2022

MelmAcHello : “The very disturbing case of your scream”

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La Librairie

Jeudi 27 Octobre 2022


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La Galerie

Saturday October 22, 2022

“Manège” | a performance by Cham Lavant

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La Collection

Childhood in the agnès b. collection

agnès b. presents the fourth season of its collection at La Fab. dedicated to Childhood.

“Each adult has been small.” This sentence, dear to agnès b., reveals the importance of Childhood in her life, an interest that is naturally represented in the works of her collection.

I have always lived with children. I like to see them grow, to build themselves, to listen to them… They always surprise me, force me to ask myself new questions. Nothing is ever taken for granted or obvious for them. Their concern moves me.

agnès b.

With this fourth exhibition, agnès invites us to follow her gaze, which is set with tenderness on “these people in the process of being made

More than a hundred artists represented, amongst which :

The Anonymous Project, Martine Barrat, Richard Billingham, Florence Chevallier, Denis Dailleux, Simon English, Hibino Katsuhiko, Annabelle Hubaut, Daniel Johnston, Seydou Keïta, Harmony Korine, Helen Levitt, Dmitry Markov, Jonas Mekas, Claire Tabouret, Martin Parr, Luna Picoli- Truffaut, Andy Warhol et bien d’autres..

La Fab.

Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, 75013 Paris