La Galerie

June 2nd - July 16th, 2016

Un autre monde dans notre monde – Collectif

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La Collection

From September 24th until January 22nd 2022

Graffiti in the agnès b.’s collection

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Hors les murs

La Librairie

Thursday, November 4th 2021

On the road : launching of the FUTURA fanzine by Hugo Vitrani, SKKI© et Thibault Choay

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La Librairie

Première Encre – Publishing Fair of the Paris school of fine arts

From June 1st to June 4th, 2023

If reading is a practice perceived as solitary, the way in which the book is made implies the collective.
If the reader appears alone, the edition is multiple.
If the art object has an aura, the printing proposes routes. The multiple is at the same time companion, wedge and support. The multiple is a magic object. Let us recall that it allows the human being to leave his body, to meet unknown beings, to skip censorship, to speak to anonymous people.

On paper and on walls, the space is repeated without being similar, the unique is doubled and made generous from hand to hand, crossing our shelves, our pockets and our lives.

For a weekend, students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris and young artists invite you to experience the multiple in its widest dimension, free and liquid, at the invitation of Clément Douala from La Fab (endowment fund agnès b.)


Opening on Thursday June, 9 ; 18h-22h
DJ set from Delusion Records

Ongoing :

– 24H RISO (Tiziano Foucault-gini, Loïc Morel, Marius Fouquet) adapted with the background of the La Fab. bookstore.
(96 pages, 24 exemplaires)

To be discovered all weekend long :

– 378 toncar (Caroline Rambaud, performance)
– L’île Vague (Leto, reading)
– Tattoo (Parella / Suiram)
– Bienvenue dans une conversation (Margot Bernard, performance son/vidéo)
– Dancing (Rookies)
– Animation projection (Caroline Rambaud)
– Perf (Lisa Lecuivre)
– Broadcast (Kyle Keese)
– Readings (Feryel Kaabeche, Paul Hyper)


Students from Sirjacq’s workshop

• Tiziano Foucault-Gini
• Lalie Thébault Maviel
• Marius Fouquet
• Loïc Morel
• Caroline Rambaud
• Margot Bernard
• Camille Demirian
• Parella Armand
• Driss Tillais
• Feryel Kaabeche
• Leto Williams
• Yucegul Cirak
• Olivier Perusat
• Théo Pall (Edition Burn-Août)
• Adrien Fort
• Chahid El Bati
• Kyle Keese
• Simon Juillard-Marchay
• Jade Boudet
• Céleste Moneger

Guests & Alumni

• Paul Hyper
• Augustin Lignier
• Gaspard Laurent
• Chloé Van Derstraen
• Max Laguerre
• Simon Sabotier
• Lisa Lecuivre
• Joris Valenzuela
• Brieuc Bowens
• Gabrielle Simonpietri
• Lou Rappeneau
• Chérine Boubendir
• Andréas Février
• Zoé Chataignon
• François Grange

Opening : Thursday, June 1 2023 ; 6-10 p.m.
Opening hours : Friday, June 2 & Saturday, June 3 2023 : 11 a.m.-7 p.m. ; Sunday, June 4 2023 : 2-7 p.m.

La Fab.

Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, 75013 Paris