La Galerie

June 2nd - July 16th, 2016

Un autre monde dans notre monde – Collectif

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La Collection

From September 24th until January 22nd 2022

Graffiti in the agnès b.’s collection

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Hors les murs

La Librairie

Thursday, November 4th 2021

On the road : launching of the FUTURA fanzine by Hugo Vitrani, SKKI© et Thibault Choay

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La Collection

Workshop for young audiences | Marylou’s electronic bugs

Wednesday July 26, 2023 ; 02:30-4:30 p.m.

Workshop for young audiences
Bestioles électroniques: a workshop designed by artist Marylou
Electronic experiments and construction of simple sound circuits imitating declining bird songs.

Ages 8 and up.

Single rate € 7

About Marylou

Marylou is a French sound, electronic and hacker artist based in Montreuil.
Her research confronts our modes of perception with the great loss of nature’s sensitive interactions, a current consequence of the exponential disappearance of biodiversity. She finds in the electronic medium a bewitching power, which stimulates each of our senses in an exacerbated way and guides us through poetic immersions and finer interactions. Using technology as the main intermediary in the study of biodiversity, her work aims to highlight the similarities between these broken ecosystems and electronic interfaces, enabling the networks of a dying nature to be artificially reconstructed and reactivated.

As a musician, she shares intimate compositions influenced by the romantic ambiences she admires in chanson à texte (she wholeheartedly loves Pomme, Barbara, Anne Sylvestre and Rupi Kaur). A hacker, she also makes her own atypical tools: she nourishes her soundscape with her in-house synthesizer, the Big Bird Boxe, which triggers birdsong, transforms her singing into a nightingale’s voice and many other magical effects.

La Fab.

Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, 75013 Paris