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MEXICO, On the trail of The Savage Detectives

Photography exhibition by Julien Allouf at la Librairie du Jour

Sans titre, août 2014 © Julien Allouf

Mexico City: the D.F., Distrito Federal, Colonia Condesa, Calle Bucareli and its cantinas, the bar of the Encrucijada Veracruzana. With his camera in hand, Julien Allouf set off for Mexico, on the trail of The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolaño’s literary saga. Believing he was walking in the footsteps of fictional heroes, he stumbled by chance upon the true path of the infrarealist poets who inspired the book’s characters, and discovered their poems, manifesto, and ardent quest to live life like art, and art like life. Convulsively.

MEXICO CITY – On the trail of The Savage Detectives is the photo journal of this deep-dive into a city that was the undoubted heroine of Bolaño’s novel. The letters and unpublished poems gleaned at every turn resonate strangely with shots plucked from the whirl of the streets of Mexico City.

« Sometimes I dream of a city that is Mexico City, but isn’t Mexico City. I mean, it’s a strange city, but it’s not strange to me because of other dreams »

Roberto Bolaño, The Savage Detectives.


About the subject : Photobook published by Médiapop Éditions

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