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Saturday, December 18th 2021

Launching & signing of Topoï #5 by Claire Nicolet

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La Librairie

Samedi 11 décembre 2021

Launching and signing of “Midos” by Julie Courbet

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La Librairie

Thursday, December 2nd

Launching of SUPPORT#2 magazine

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Zoé Sagan


In January 2020, Zoé Sagan published her first book, entitled Kétamine, inwhich she develops a radical critique of cultural industries, ferociously lighting up the worlds of fashion, contemporary art and the media, and coldly analyzing the deleterious uses made of digital technologies and big data. She presents herself as an artificial intelligence, but also as an activist and proponent of predictive journalism, collaborating with various collectives that form networks of resistance to what she calls “cultural warming.” In this episode of Les Confidences de l’Après, Zoé Sagan explains how she hacks and reroutes algorithms, and how the current crisis has seen her thinking on cultural warming evolve into a Theory of Hiber-Nation, which she unpacks for the first time on the podcast.

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